Alpeninox A9BRGJMPF0  Gas Tilting Bratt Pan
Alpeninox A9BRGJMPF0 Gas Tilting Bratt Pan
� Main connections are accessible from below the base of the unit.
� Well and double skinned lid in stainless steel. Exterior panels in stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish.
� The stainless steel well features rounded corners and has a seamless weld joining the bottom plate from the rest of the well for fast, safe and easy cleaning.
� Feet in stainless steel are adjustable up to 50 mm in height.
� Burners with optimized combustion, flame failure device and piezo ignition with electronic flame control.
� The burners are built-in to the base of the well, so they move together during tilting for better cleaning and for the highest safety conditions.
� Bratt pans with Duomat cooking surface: a 10 mm-thick alloy obtained by combining two different stainless steels to improve the thermal stability of the cooking surface, allow for a more multifunctional use of the bratt pan (dry and wet cooking can be performed alternatively) and ensure a higher resistance to corrosion.
� High- precision manual or automatic tilting system and pouring lip facilitate the emptying of the contents in the well.
� All gas appliances are supplied for use with natural gas or LPG. Conversion jets supplied as standard.
� Working temperature (from 120°C to 300°C) controlled through a thermostat and energy input through an energy regulator.
� The special design of the control knobs and bezels guarantees against water infiltration.
� 98% recyclable by weight.
� CFC free packaging


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