The RATIONAL primary objective


We offer maximum possible benefits to people who prepare hot food in large-scale and commercial kitchens.


How Rational see themselves


We are specialists because we know that we can most effectively and decisively serve our clearly-defined target group by concentrating all our efforts on an important and central need of this target group and by finding the best solutions to their problems – better than any others.


  • We are a winning team
    We are playing at the top level for the World Championship!
  • We are the product leaders
    We promise our customers the best possible technology and quality at a reasonable price.
    We make good on this promise every time.
  • Growth, stability and profit are not our aims. They are our results!
    They all improve as we further improve our customer benefits.


Tasks and objectives when dealing with our customers (external and internal) and suppliers



  • We get very close to our target group.
    We understand our customers’ wishes and needs.
  • Our company's most important task is to offer our customers the maximum possible benefits.
  • RATIONAL employees are always open, sincere and honest.
  • We offer our suppliers a long-term and reliable partnership.
    In return we expect loyalty, quality, commitment, flexibility and capacity to innovate.


The tasks and objectives of RATIONAL employees



  • We regard our employees as sophisticated, emancipated and autonomous people
    - and that is how they also treat one another.
  • We expect performance, commitment, a sense of responsibility and loyalty from our employees.
    Our employees expect the same from us.
  • RATIONAL managers behave like gardeners:
    they create the right climate for the best possible personal
    and professional development of our employees.
  • RATIONAL managers are the partners of their employees: 
    - they ensure that objectives are clearly agreed
    - they create the environment in which the objectives can be achieved
    - they check together with their employees that the objectives are achieved.


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