Pitco SSPE14 Rinse Station

Pitco SSPE14 Rinse Station

Featuring the same self-cleaning Solstice burner system, Pitco’s pasta cookers make the perfect pasta every time.

Made with marine grade stainless steel, Pitco Solstic Supreme Pasta Cookers can produce up to 500 ten ounce servings of pasta every hour by cooking large quantities in advance then warming individual orders as they are received.



  • Rinse station for pasta with an attached faucet
  • Individual portion cups and rack to maintain variety and operational efficiency
  • Bulk baskets load up to 5lbs of dry pasta
  • Oblong baskets for cooking smaller portions than the bulk basket but more than individual portion cups
  • Round baskets in standard or fine mesh for various types of pasta or reconstituting of small portions
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