The Experts in Commercial Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment Express is a family-owned and, run business specialising in the design, manufacture, sale, installation, and service of commercial kitchen equipment, refrigeration, and ware washing systems. CEE has been supplying commercial kitchen and catering equipment in the UK for many years and we are proud to call ourselves a trusted supply partner.

Catering Equipment Express is your commercial kitchen and catering equipment expert. By combining quality commercial-grade equipment with high-quality service and exceptional knowledge, you’ll know from your initial consultation with one of our experts or engineers that you are in the right hands even before your project starts.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, CEE is here to help. Our vast experience runs from your local coffee shop to your city center restaurant to catering for thousands on a holiday site and everything in between.

Our design, manufacturing, installation, and service divisions all operate in-house under our experienced management. We don’t rely on sub-contractors, so we are always in control of every commercial kitchen project we work on.

Our range of products and services run from simple equipment supply to full design, supply, and installation of full commercial cooking and bar equipment solutions. Couple this with our expertise in commercial refrigeration and stainless steel manufacturing and we truly are your one-stop solution.

Catering Equipment Express was originally established in 2001 and, since then, has been offering high-quality catering equipment such as Rational Combi ovens, Imperial fryers, and stainless-steel products (manufactured in-house) at competitive prices. Today the company is still able to offer high-quality equipment at competitive prices but with the added benefit of faster lead times.

Having gained a good reputation over the years we now have a loyal customer base with many of our fabrications and catering equipment being distributed to breweries, schools, restaurants, and nursing homes.

Catering Equipment Express supplies high-quality brands such as Rational, Pitco, and Alpeninox at affordable prices to ensure both value and peace of mind.